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2021-2022 National Theme:
“Cantantes licet usque (minus via laedit) eamus.”
“Let us go singing as far as we go - the road will be less tedious.”
-Vergil, Eclogues 9.64
Most Recent Minutes - 09/18/21
Most Recent Scrapbook - 2019-2020
Quick Updates-
Here is the link to Mr. Howards most recent emails: Monthly Updates
State Convention is April 1, virtually and April 2, in-person at Duxbury High School!
Here is the updated Contest Booklet
2023 Announcement & New Website
Salvete Omnes!
My name is Julianna Lee and I am your 2022-2023 MassJCL Technical Coordinator! Unfortunately, you are viewing an outdated version of the MassJCL website. Please access for updated information. Thank you for your patience as we await a merger with our main hosting site!
Upcoming Events:
Yale Certamen - November 13 - 14, 2021
Classics Day - December 1, 2021
MassJCL Virtual Convention Day - April 1, 2022
MassJCL In-Person Convention Day at Duxbury HS - April 2, 2022

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