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  • BLS Certamen Classics Day December 5, 2014 - Time to learn some awesome things about Mythology at our annual Classics Day (Photo courtesy of Veena Lagare)
  • BLA Certamen Catapult Kick-Off October 25, 2014 - MassJCLers are aiming for the gold in our Catapult Kickoff!(Photo courtesy of Veena Lagare)
  • Classics Day Nationals July 28-August 2, 2014 - It's hot in Atlanta, Georgia here at Nationals, but that doesn't stop MassJCLers from marching in their togas. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Rutherford)
  • Spirit Party State Convention April 11-13, 2014 - The culmination of the MassJCL year takes place on the beautiful Cape full of entertainment, friendship, and Classical competitions (Photo courtesy of Hanna Seariac)
  • Spirit Party Harvard Certamen March 29, 2014 - Schools from Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, and all across New England send teams to this prestigious national Certamen event (Photo courtesy of Hanna Seariac)
  • BLS Certamen Et Tu DJ Semiformal Dance March 15, 2014 - Coincidentally celebrating the assassination of Caesar, MassJCL's annual social event attract 100 people for a night of talent, dance, and fun (Photo courtesy of Color Photography Company)


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  • In commemoration of all our graduating JCLers, here is the first issue of the MassJCL Memoriae!

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What are you looking forward to most at our Midnight Masquerade? (And for those who saw the skit as an option, that option was put on there as a mistake, sorry for any misunderstanding)
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