Massachusetts Junior Classical League


2019-2020 National Theme from Sallust Bellum Catilinae

 "Omnis... Summa ope nitidecet, ne vitam silention transeant"

 "It befits all to strive with the greatest effort, lest they pass their lives in silence"

Who Are We?

The Massachusetts Junior Classical League (MassJCL) is a non-profit organization centered in Massachusetts that aims to promote Classical studies in the modern world. The MassJCL is a member of the national organization, the National Junior Classical League, which is the main governing body of all state JCL chapters. The MassJCL is also the parent organization of a variety of JCL and Classics clubs centered at various schools within the state.


The MassJCL hosts a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year for students in Massachusetts to enjoy. Every October, we host a Kick Off event to start the MassJCL year. Then, we host a Classics Day at Boston University, which entails workshops for students to learn more about the history and customs of Greece and Rome. Finally, we hold our largest event - State Convention - in April. This convention is the culmination of the MassJCL year and provides excellent opportunities for both competition and camaraderie. The MassJCL delegation also attends the National Convention, which takes place at a university during a week in July. National Convention is where students from across the nation gather to compete and demonstrate their passion for the Classics.


Pictured Above: The MassJCL delegation during spirit at the 2019 National Convention in North Dakota.

Upcoming Events

Help Us Raise Funds!

MassJCL needs your help in raising funds! As the holiday season approaches and you are purchasing gifts for your loved one, make sure to sign up for the MassJCL Amazon Smile charity. Not only does it support MassJCL, but it is also completely free to sign up! To support MassJCL, clink here or select "Massachusetts Junior Classical League" as your charity on Happy shopping!



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