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Named for the Latin word for "competition", certamen is a team based quiz bowl style game where classicists compete to test their knowledge of classical history, mythology. culture, and grammar.

Teams usually consist of four players, and matches are comprised of three teams. Traditionally, there are toss ups and bonus questions. Toss up questions are worth 10 points and are up for grabs by any player on any team. Bonus questions are worth 5 points and are exclusive to the team that won the toss up.

Certamen matches are held at local, state, and national levels. Many colleges and universities also host certamen tournaments throughout the year. Massachusetts also hosts tournaments at various MassJCL events, such as at Kickoff and State Convention.

There are three levels of Certamen- novice, intermediate, and advanced, making the event accessible to everyone regardless of Latin level.

Certamen is extremely fun, competitive and rewarding and Massachusetts is one of the best places to play. For a list of resources, rules and regulations, sample questions, and events, please see below.