Marching on with Spirit! PC: 2019-2020 MassJCL Historian
Kick-Off 2019. PC: 2019-2020 MassJCL Historian
The Massachusetts Junior Classical League is a non-profit organization centered in Massachusetts which aims to promote classical studies in the modern world.
What is the MassJCL?

The MassJCL is a member of the National Junior Classical League, which is the main governing body of all state JCL chapters. The MassJCL is also the parent organization of a variety of local JCL and classics clubs centered at various schools within the state.
How do I register for JCL?
What is Certamen?
Certamen is a quizbowl or Jeopardy style game where students compete to test their knowledge of the Latin language, classical mythology, history, and culture. There are competitions every year, ranging from local, state, and national levels!
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Novice takes First Place! PC: Karen Dong
About MassJCL
Marching On. PC: 2019-2020 MassJCL Historian