Certamen is a Jeopardy-style quiz game dedicated to knowledge in ancient Classical mythology, history, literature, culture, and language. Students compete in teams of 4 to buzz in and answer questions. Certamen is a big part of the Junior Classical League, with various tournaments hosted at schools, at State Convention, and even at Nationals. Massachusetts has a history of strong Certamen teams, who continue to play extremely well at National championships. Below are the list of tournaments and their dates, as well as practice questions for teams interested in starting a Certamen team or who wish to have questions to practice with. More questions will be added soon.
Kick Off Scrimmages - October 24, 2017 Yale Certamen Invitational - November 2017 Boston Latin Academy Certamen Tournament - January 2018 Boston Latin School Certamen Tournament - February 2018 Senior Classical League Certamen Tournament - March 2018 Harvard Certamen Invitational - March 2018 State Convention - April 27-29, 2018 National Convention - July 23-28, 2018
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