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MassJCL showing our spirit at nationals



MassJCL just went to Nationals this summer and enjoyed tremendous success! This was truly a wonderful experience for everyone who went. Whether you were at the enlightening colloquia, competing in Olympika, or crushing at Certamen you were sure to be having a good time.

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Operation Graditude recipients

Service Project

Hello MassJCL! This year, our year-long service project is Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude is a non-profit organization run out of the LA county area that seeks to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of the U.S. Military and First Responder communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for Americans to express their appreciation to all who serve our nation. We will be working on making Letters to Soldier and Letters First Responders throughout the year as well as collecting donations for care packages (from the list that will be released soon) locally. Both of these projects are great things to do with your chapter and things that we will be doing as a state at events. You can find a link to the Operation Gratitude website below for more information. Here’s to a particularly great and serviceful year of JCL!

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