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2021-2022 National Theme:
“Cantantes licet usque (minus via laedit) eamus.”
“Let us go singing as far as we go - the road will be less tedious.”
-Vergil, Eclogues 9.64
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2021-2022 Welcome!
Salvete Omnes!
My name is Georgia Wilson and I am your 2021-2022 MassJCL President! As we all know, this past year and a half has been both unprecedented, and difficult. Organizations such as ours have struggled to survive through such disconnected and uncertain times. But things are looking up! Our 2021-2022 MassJCL board has been busy planning a variety of virtual, and in person events to welcome you all back to another year of JCL. Plans that I am so excited to share with youThis year’s National Convention was again hosted online, where we competed at our usual high standard, placing 2nd in State Spirit and State Publications, 1st in Publicity, and 1st in novice-level competitive certamen, with the amazing team of Andrew Lai, Julianna Lee, Ailin Sha, and Mark Snekvik. We are so thankful for everyone who took the time to participate. This event was a wonderful way of reminding everyone of why we love JCL: the camaraderie, competition, and JCLove that can be found in this organization. Nevertheless, we still hope for an in-person event in 2022, and will keep you updated on that possibility throughout the year.Kickoff, Classics Day, and Convention are the yearly events that MassJCL hosts. Unfortunately, this year, we will not be hosting Kickoff, due to the inability of its events to translate to a virtual setting, and our uncertainty surrounding Covid protocols that early in the fall. Instead, we will be hosting service event(s) held at the Boston Nature Center. We are, however, excited to announce an in-person Classics Day at Boston University on Thursday, December 2nd, with the theme of Diversity in Antiquity. Flyers with information about these events are attached below, and emails with more specifics will be coming out from your 2nd Vice president Louisa Hemr, and your 1st Vice President Sanjana Singh respectively, so be sure to look out for those! We are hopefully optimistic about holding a MassJCL Convention this year in April, though the details for that event are still TBA, so be sure to watch out for more emails updating you on that as the planning progresses.A reminder to all, to be a member of the JCL, you must register under both the MassJCL, which can be found attached at the bottom of this email, and for the NJCL, which you can find on their website. If you are no longer the advisor for your chapter, please be sure to direct this email to the correct person, and please share this address with all your chapter officers, and anyone interested in receiving regular updates from me:
We are so grateful to all those who are looking to join us this year, either again, or for the first time. Please respond to this email with a list of your chapter's officers, and their emails, so we can contact you more easily and directly. Remember to look out for updates on our service events, and for more info on Classics Day, and watch out for the first issue of this year’s Forum Factorum, by our Publications Editor Luke Ulicny, and our updated website by Technical Coordinator Kyleigh O’Neil, both of which will be out soon! And, as always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any other members of the board, who’s contact information will be listed below.Valete!
Georgia Wilson - 2021-2022 MassJCL President
Upcoming Events:
Yale Certamen - November 13 - 14, 2021
Classics Day - December 1, 2021
MassJCL Convention - April 2022

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