Date: October 21, 2017 Kick Off is our first major event we hold, where we celebrate and "kick off" the new MAJCL year. At Kick Off, we allow students to participate in various activities, such as pumpkin painting, Certamen scrimmages, and fun games. The main event, however, is a catapult and ballista contest, where schools in attendance bring their hand-crafted siege machines to test how far they can shoot. This contest contributes to the Whole School Sweepstakes awards presented at State Convention. This event is fun for everyone, no matter their interests, and we hope to see you all there!
Bring Out the Catapults! Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
The Friendly Hand of JCL Photo Credits: William Burnett
Students Waiting for General Assembly Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
Community Service Cards! Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
Spooky Pumpkins! Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
It's Time for Launch! Photo Credits: William Burnett
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