The MassJCL hosts a wide variety of events and activities for JCL chapters located in the state of Massachusetts and in the Northeast. Our events span the course of the year, beginning with Kick Off in October and ending with State Convention in April. We hope you will be able to join us for our activities this year! Please click on the pictures below to learn more about our events.
Date: July 23 - 28, 2018 National Convention is a massive gathering of JCLers from around the country, who come to universities all around the country to compete against people from other states. MassJCL always sends a passionate and competitive group who always perform extremely well. National Convention has even more contests than State Convention and has a level of competition and camaraderie matched by no other event possible. Nationals also provides a way of meeting people from around the country and getting to know people in Massachusetts a lot better. It's an amazing experience that should be a part of every JCLer's path through the organization. We highly encourage you to attend!
The Trojan Fountain Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
Our Intermediate Champions! Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
Troy Story Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
The MassJCL Delegation Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
Amazing Artwork Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
A Day in Old Rome Photo Credits: Jesse Hogan
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